Academic – Industry Technology Collaboration

Universities worldwide are transitioning to become engines of economic growth. The world is witnessing an accelerated development and application of the natural sciences. The future is expected to see “mega-research-agreements” between individual companies and universities in cutting-edge technology areas.

In the current integrated world, driven by a global knowledge-intensive economy, research universities, science-based high-tech industries and synergistic university-industry collaborations will be the key to create markets for products and services which depend on research-driven big science.

University-industry collaboration will be crucial for converting basic scientific knowledge into commercially viable products and processes via technology transfer supported by strong commitment to the protection of IP.

Acadinnet Scientific is creating an ecosystem with select universities and industries to broadly promote:

  • Multidisciplinary Research & Development

  • Setting up academia-industry collaborative projects in Science & Technology where intellectual property creation and protection is the key

  • Creating opportunities of greater mobility for the younger generation of scientists and researchers between industry, academia, and R&D institutions