Scientific research is meaningless unless it enhances our understanding of nature and brings about a positive change in the society and economy

With focus to promote scientific research, insightful application of scientific knowledge to industrial applications, technological inventions and knowledge creation, Acadinnet Scientific has a specialized mentoring program for students seeking admission to PhD programs in top universities in the world.

Our services range from finding talented researchers and helping them realize their potential in dealing with unsolved problems that involve knowledge from multiple disciplines, and when the occasion demands, on how to protect the intellectual property rights of their solutions.

We help people understand the nature of research, ethics of the research community, the fundamental need to deal with problems by first selecting concepts, etc. An important progress marker of the candidate will be the communication of a research paper by the candidate to a respectable peer reviewed journal for possible publication.

We aim to identify young people with the ambition of becoming the

Faradays and Maxwells or the Cricks and Watsons

of tomorrow and mentor them to become world-class innovators. The minimum academic requirement to be considered, is a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a master’s degree in science and mathematics.